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Land clearing

Land Clearing

Whether you are looking to clear a lot for a new building or expand your backyard, we have all the tools to handle the job. No matter the size or landscape, we are capable of clearing any lot.

We specialize in land clearing and site preparation. We handle every phase of your land clearing project, from taking down the first tree to light grading before the home builder starts construction on your dream home.

land clearing
Land Clearing Services

What is the difference between land clearing and deforestation?

Deforestation means the destruction, logging and loss of forest. Land clearing is a distinctively Australian term that refers to the destruction of vegetation to make way for agriculture, plantations, mining or urban development. Typically all vegetation, trees, stumps are removed. Hauling, burning, mulching and burying debris are the common methods of removal.


Areas We Serve (Land Clearing)

we serve the following areas in North and South Carolina