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Boom Brush Control and Environmental Mulching is a veteran-owned small business based just outside of Charlotte, NC. Chris Roussell, owner/operator, has been in the customer service industry for over 20+ years. Chris’s love of the outdoors, attention to detail, and discerning eye towards landscape beautification drew him to creating Boom Brush Control and Environmental Mulching.

Who Uses Forestry Mulching?

Farm and Landowners

Farm and Landowners

Maintaining woodlands and farmlands is a time-consuming and exhausting job. Clearing and maintaining access roads, pushing back encroaching brush…

Forestry mulching for businesses

Businesses and Commercial Properties

Forestry mulching is not just for rural areas. We service commercial properties, large and small, and can work with your landscaping…

Government Lands

Government Lands

We are a registered Veteran-Owned Small Business and available to take on government contracts. We feel that forestry mulching can meet the needs…

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Erosion can become a problem when using traditional land clearing methods. … With forestry mulching, erosion is prevented through the top layer of mulch, which keeps the soil in place. In addition to preventing soil erosion, it also helps to protect and fertilize the plants that remain on the land.

Each project presents different challenges from terrain, size and type of material. No two properties are the same.

We use skid steer machines with Fecon mulching attachments. These Fecon mulching attachments are operated by hydraulic pressure. We also use knives instead of carbide teeth which leave a cleaner finish.

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Areas We Serve (Forestry Mulching)

we serve the following areas in North and South Carolina

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